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We are COVID-19 Compliant

To comply with the current COVID-19 government guidance for schools.

All the equipment and materials would be prepared on each groups table prior to the session, the workshop leader would give all necessary instructions from a safe distance, and would not need to work closely with the students.

All equipment would be disinfected before and after each workshop, although the participants will not actually need to touch anything, apart from a small Bluetooth remote control shutter, which can be operated by only one member of the group, allowing them to take still images of their models whilst animating. Each group will be provided with new modelling clay to make their models, which they can keep or dispose of after the workshop.

Each set of equipment is powered by a portable battery pack, so the setup required for the layout/size of the classroom space you can provide is very flexible and can be tailored to suit your School and particular requirements.

All equipment and materials are provided, each set of equipment consists of an iPad positioned on a stand, a cardboard green screen background. Two LED lamps, a portable battery pack and a bluetooth remote shutter control. You would just need to provide a space/classroom with 6 tables. a projector/screen or TV would also be very useful.

If you require any further information please get in touch with any questions!



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